Few simple additions can have a bigger impact on your outdoor space than a set of custom outdoor blinds. But how do you know which ones will work best for you? Below, we look at some of the key questions you need to ask to ensure your outdoor blinds will meet the demands of your outdoor space and lifestyle.

1. Why do you need outdoor blinds?

Different homes and different families choose outdoor blinds for—you guessed it—different reasons. The most common purposes are for shade, windbreaks, and privacy.

If you need outdoor blinds to slow the wind through your outdoor space, you’ll want track-guided Ziptrak blinds that won’t flop and sway in the breeze. You can opt for Clear PVC materials that will hamper the wind but not the view! If it’s privacy or shade you need, thicker materials may be necessary, offering lower transparency and higher UV protection.

2. What climate will your outdoor blinds face?

Understanding your area’s climate is important when choosing your outdoor blinds, but you’ll want to consider more than just the weather. The positioning and directional facing of your home are major factors impacting the climate of your outdoor space. The direction your home faces will impact the time of day when sunlight is most direct, as well as the extent to which your home itself will serve as a windbreak. An outdoor space that faces west, for example, will be facing the sun in those tranquil evening hours when you’re most likely to be outside relaxing, and will also be enduring New Zealand’s prevailing winds. These factors could influence the size and material that will work best for your outdoor blinds.

3. How easy must they be to use?

Fortunately, outdoor blinds today have never been easier to operate. However, the positioning of your outdoor blinds could impact their accessibility. If you are navigating mobility issues, you may opt for an electric operating switch in lieu of the standard drawcord. Consider working with an installer that offers custom blind solutions combined with the latest technology to improve usability and create an accessible outdoor space.

4. What colour and style will work best with your home?

Finally, take a close look at your home and outdoor space, and shop for styles and colours that will agree with them. With a range of available fabric styles and colours, Dynamic Outdoor Solutions can help you design custom outdoor blinds that look right at home.

Consider more earthen colours to go with wooden siding, and sleek whites and charcoals for vinyl cladding. Ultimately, your outdoor blinds will be one of the most noticeable elements of your outdoor space. Attractive blinds will add a great deal of charm and personality to your home!

Don’t compromise function for beauty

You don’t have to choose between stylish outdoor blinds and effective ones. Whether you’re protecting new outdoor furniture, warding away prying eyes, or just seeking some respite from the elements, Dynamic Outdoor Solutions offers blinds with a harmonious blend of style and quality to meet your needs. Our custom-designed solutions are made to suit your outdoor space perfectly. Request a quote today!

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