All the benefits of a covered outdoor area, without losing that bright sun-soaked appeal.

Transform your outdoor livingarea with a DynaView roof

Dynamic Outdoor Solutions are specialists at designing and building outdoor living spaces that offer protection from the elements. We offer complete solutions to turn your outdoor deck or patio into a beautiful, functional space for your whole family to enjoy.

The ClearVue roofing system is a high quality flat panel design that will make the most out of light, without the weight or cost of glass panels.

15 Year Full Panel Replacement


High UV Protection

Economically Priced

Impact Resistant

Powder coating

Made to last

ClearVue panels offer durable fade resistant performance for many years. The lightweight system is easily installed and requires a lot less structural support than heavier alternatives like glass.

100% safe

Not only is ClearVue less expensive to install, but the flexibility of the panels also gives peace of mind and break resistance in case of earthquakes, unlike glass.

Flexible application

ClearVue panels are designed to go over existing support structures. These can be either timber or metal. If you don't have an existing frame, we can design and build one bespoke to your outdoor space.

Independently tested

The ClearVue Roofing System has been BRANZ appraised which means that it has been tested and approved as being fit for use in New Zealand and that it will comply with the New Zealand Building Code