It is recommended to check with your local council to confirm whether a consent is required. Every council has different rules for building jobs, but under Section 8 of the Exemptions Guidance for Schedule 1 of the Building Act 2004, a porch or veranda structure up to 30m2 is allowed to be fitted without a building consent, subject to certain conditions.

Yes, we design your new roofing system to suit your home and lifestyle. Our in-house design team can prepare design drawings for you to sign off and we also look after PS1’s and engineering calculations if required.

Yes, all our Dynamic roofing systems can be attached to your house, using our custom designed building connection brackets.

We offer powdercoated or woodgrain finishes, you have the freedom to mix and match your colours to suit your home and style or make a design statement the choice is yours.

Yes, you can add a range of optional extras such as rain sensors, LED lighting, Ziptrack blinds, heaters and audio to suit your lifestyle.

Dynamic louvre systems roofs are designed to external applications and use. While they retain a high level of watertightness, they are not designed to meet building enclosure regulations. 

Dynamic louvre systems are manufactured in our Auckland factory out of highly durable aluminium. The Dynamic  louvre system is a high quality, New Zealand made system engineered to New Zealand conditions.

Dynamic louvre systems are designed to be low maintenance, depending on finish the maintenance will vary, but we recommend cleaning your roof every 3 months to remove dust, leaves and salt etc.