Now more than ever a well thought out outdoor room can provide valuable living space to any home.

The truth is we all could have done with a bit more room over the past four weeks and perhaps this extra time indoors has highlighted areas of your home where you could extend or gain some much needed space.

The benefits of outdoor living not only include the expanded living and entertaining area an outdoor room offers, but also comes with some health benefits too. Something that this unprecedented time has shone a light on is the need for a functional outdoor room to escape to. Being able to spend time outdoors has proven benefits not only to one’s physical health but also our mental health by boosting our mood especially during stressful times. Even something as simple as alfresco dining has been proven to boost your immune system, increase Vitamin-D levels and reduce inflammation.

An opening Louvre Roof or Oztech Retractable Roof can be an escape from the sometimes stuffy interior of the house and can provide a way to connect with the tranquility of the garden or if you’re lucky enough to be living near the beach, taking advantage of the fresh ocean air and beautiful views. Getting away from computer and TV screens are important for the whole family and can reduce eye-strain, stress and headaches. A well planned outdoor room not only adds a haven to retreat to but also adds value to your home.

Decks, patios and even unused spaces on the side or back of the house can often be turned into a great place to spend time with family and entertain visitors. In New Zealand this can sometimes be tricky, especially as we get closer to the variable weather the Winter months can bring but a enclosing a deck with some outdoor blinds can connect you with the outdoors while providing protection from the elements.

If you’re looking for a fresh change, then consider adding an outdoor room to your home.

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