Situations where outdoor blinds can be a useful addition

Outdoor blinds are a great opportunity to transform any outdoor space. If you’re considering an exterior upgrade, they’re a great place to start. Dynamic Outdoor Solutions’ outdoor blinds are made from only the highest-grade materials, either in a transparent PVC or opaque mesh. Plus, they are professionally installed and custom-made to suit the size and colour you require. Ziptrak Blinds, in particular, are easily retractable and stored away neatly when out of use. If all these aren’t enough to install outdoor blinds, read on to find out some situations where they make the perfect addition to your home!

To block harsh sunlight

Summer in New Zealand is ideal for outdoor entertaining, but sitting out in the sun for hours can be harsh to say the least. An easy way to block out the harsh midday rays while you make the most of your time outside is to install an outdoor blind or two that faces the afternoon sun. The thick mesh material of this product will block out the glary sun, while still allowing you to bask in the heat of the days outdoors.

For a winter entertainment area

Winter entertaining is a constant hassle, especially for those with an outdoor entertainment area worth boasting about. Rain and heavy weather can cause even the sturdiest of outdoor furniture to become damaged, drenched and worn out. Installing PVC outdoor blinds around your outdoor entertaining area, and completing the enclosure with a closed-in roof can be the perfect solution for entertaining guests all year ‘round.

To provide shelter without taking away views

If you’re lucky enough to have a place with a view, you’re not likely going to want to put anything up for shelter that’s going to distract from the amazing scenery. A set of outdoor blinds can be custom fitted to your space so that they protect an area from harsh winds, while the transparent PVC allows your guests to marvel at the views your property offers any day of the year!

To increase privacy

Whether your patio is on show to the street, or your backyard gets looked onto by second-story balconies, privacy is a luxury that some New Zealand homes just don’t have. Installing outdoor blinds can be a great way to increase privacy levels and shut those pesky neighbours out of your business. The opaque mesh of the blinds can be custom coloured to match your exterior, creating a subtle look that onlookers will be none-the-wiser about.

To keep up consistent business

Outdoor blinds aren’t just for the home! They can be implemented in a commercial setting as well. New Zealand’s choppy weather conditions are bound to affect any business that relies on outdoors, such as cafes, retail stores and even offices that value employee wellbeing. The implementation of outdoor blinds can fix a myriad of problems for your business and help create a much better environment for the people who interact with it.

Install outdoor blinds today

There are many outdoor situations that can be benefited by installing outdoor blinds. If this blog has inspired you to consider installing outdoor blinds or Ziptrak blinds, get in touch today.

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