In warmer months, the backyard can be the perfect place for family and friends to get together and relax, or simply wind down and get in touch with nature. However, without a proper outdoor canopy, being outdoors can be less than desirable, especially when the heat becomes unbearable or the rain starts to pour heavily. Whether you’re someone who loves quiet time alone or are keener on socialising and holding social gatherings in your backyard, you need great shelter to keep you and your guests comfortable and protected.

We share our tips on how you can have the perfect outdoor canopy for your home so you can enjoy outdoor living, no matter the weather!

Determine the weather in your location

One of the basic aspects you need to consider for choosing an outdoor canopy is your location’s climate. New Zealand has a largely temperate climate, which means we’re prone to experiencing four seasons in one day. Weather can change unexpectedly, so it’s best to be prepared for these sudden changes. If you’re going to face heavy winds, rain, or the cold, you may want to pick up a water-resistant roof with side covers and gutter to manage the water that comes your way. When it comes to sunlight, you can choose a UV-resistant fabric roof with sides to protect you from UV rays from all angles.

Define your canopy’s purpose

To be able to know what you need for your outdoor space, you must be able to define the purpose of having a canopy installed in the first place. This can narrow down your options so you can get the most suitable canopy fitted for your home. It may be useful to ask what exactly you need it for. Answering these few questions can help you determine your canopy’s purpose:

  • Do you have an outdoor space you wish could be used for entertaining more often?
  • Do you already have a patio attached to your home or are you looking for more backyard space to be utilised?
  • Are you looking for a portable source of shade or a more permanent one?
  • Do you want to improve the energy efficiency of your home?

Once you’ve answered these questions, you should be in a more capable position to choose the right canopy for you.

Decide whether you need retractable or not

An outdoor canopy is great when you need to provide a shaded seating area separated from your home. However, if you already have a patio, a retractable awning can be a great option to keep you and your guests comfortable in the heat. A permanent or retractable awning, much like an outdoor canopy, can provide your home shade year-round. It also protects your interior furniture and flooring from sun damage. Fabric awnings can also reduce heat gain by filtering the sunlight before it enters your home. They can give you the versatility you need when it comes to adding protective coverage to your home’s patios. Larger sized canopies can also cover larger patios. This is useful when you need to create protection for a more spacious seating area outside and allow more guests to hang out on your front porch!

Sort your size requirements

When choosing canopies, size matters! If you want to have more space that can accommodate more guests, you’re going to need bigger canopies. If your home has less square footage and you want less time to set up, smaller canopies or retractable ones will do. The size recommendation all boils down to your backyard’s space and other factors, including:

  • when the sun hits your outdoor space,
  • where your windows are, and
  • the main intention or purpose of your canopy installation.

Consider custom made

Buying an off the shelf canopy can be difficult as you’ll only have limited colour and sizing options. This can also prove to be a hassle when your canopy isn’t as durable as you’d hope it to be, meaning you’ll replace them sooner than expected.

The great thing about choosing custom-made canopies is that they can be made to fit any shape, size, or style of your patio. There are hundreds of high-quality fabrics, styles, and patterns to choose from. Plus, opting for custom-made will allow you to have it professionally installed by a team of experts.

Choose Dynamic Outdoor Solutions

Dynamic Outdoor Solutions offers custom-made solutions when it comes to transforming your home with the outdoor and indoor protection you need. We provide custom-made canopies and awnings using high-quality components built to withstand the harsh NZ environment. Work with us for quality awnings and canopies best fit for your home. Request a quote today!

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