Outdoor spaces can be tricky when it comes to DIY. As much as you’d like to give the area a facelift, you might find yourself limited by materials or time. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t turn a boring backyard around. Below, we’ve compiled a few simple DIY tricks that can make any backyard beautiful. Enjoy these outdoor solutions and redo your space to help create good memories in the future!

Revive your floors

Outdoor floorings, both wood and concrete, can be dull and boring. Concrete can become dingy and grimy over time, while hardwood flooring may get water-damaged and sun-bleached. Bare floor slabs make the space feel unfinished, and rugs quickly lose colour and retain moisture, leading to mildew build-up. So, what can be done?

Drab outdoor flooring can be resolved with a simple paintbrush! From geometric patterns to stencilled art, make a statement with painted floors and enliven your outdoors. For a long-lasting effect, make sure that the painted area is covered with a louvre roof or sunscreen, or even transparent flat panels to prevent harmful rays of the sun ruining your art!

Make your shed an outdoor living room

If you have an unused open shed in your backyard that has become a dumping ground for junk, perhaps it’s time to give it a makeover. A backyard shed can be a perfect extension to your living room for those Sunday morning family brunches or Friday BBQ evenings with friends. Clear out what you were never going to use again, and put that space to work!

Some outdoor furniture can bring the space to life fast. Throw in a rug and some pillows to add a sense of warmth, and light the area with string lights or candle chandeliers for ambience. Add hanging potted plants to the décor and you are just one step away from creating memories in a new open living room space.

Herb gardening

Lack of space is no good reason not to have a herb garden. A wall in your backyard is enough to do the trick! Take your backyard wall and give it a makeover with a vertical herb garden. Terracotta pots, container gardening, pocket plants, pick one that blends with your overall décor. If your backyard gets a lot of rain or sunlight, get a sunroof installed and you have your herb garden for keeps!

Kitchen window wonders!

Do you have large kitchen windows? Do they open to your backyard? With simple boards and brackets, you can install a window ledge that would double up as a home bar. Just make sure that the ledge is equal to or wider than the window. Get a couple of high-rise chairs and your summer evening is sorted! Don’t forget to install permanent fixtures like DynaView roofing to weather-proof your backyard home-bar. These roofing solutions help transform the space into beautiful and functional areas without wind, rain or sun.

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