Louvre roofs are an increasingly popular way to add flair to your outdoor space. While these architecturally designed, modern outdoor solutions might seem like a recent breakthrough, they actually rely on very simple and common technology. If you’re in the market for the perfect addition to your outdoor space, continue reading to learn more about louvre roofs—including what they are, how they work, and why they’ll make a great addition to your patio or balcony.

What is a louvre roof and how does it work?

The louvre roof is a twist on the same simple technology you’ve seen in shutters for a hundred years. Sometimes also called a louver (or lever), Louvre systems use a series of closely placed, horizontal slats connected on two rails. One rail is fixed and acts as a fulcrum. The other can be moved back and forth by a lever, swinging the slats open or closed.

These systems give you a wealth of control over the amount of light you allow through a roof or wall. Today, louvre roof technology has advanced. Dynamic Outdoor Solutions’ louvres are motorised, allowing for greater control, and are available for both overhead outdoor roofs and fencing.

Benefits of louvre roofs

Modern, stylish, and versatile, Dynamic Louvres offer a range of benefits for any outdoor space. With their clean lines and sleek finish, these outdoor solutions are built to compliment any kind of home. Our louvres are locally sourced with New Zealand aluminium and engineered at the highest quality standard. Their many benefits include:

  1. Flexibility – Louvre roofs can be opened to allow for more natural light or closed for protection against harsh sunlight or even rain.
  2. Ventilation – Louvre roofs can have a significant impact on the amount of airflow in your outdoor space.
  3. More living space – Your home will feel bigger if your outdoor space is available and welcoming for you to use. A louvre roof empowers you to consider your outdoor space an extra room in your home, rather than a luxury that can only be enjoyed when New Zealand’s famously erratic weather happens to be accommodating at the right time.
  4. Added home value – Your new louvre roof won’t feel like a major renovation—due to the ease of installation and affordable price—but it will certainly have the effect of one. Your louvre roof expands the living space of your home, makes your outdoor space more attractive and comfortable, and affords you more flexibility with social gatherings. All of this will combine to add value to your property, making louvre roofs an attractive option for those who want to get more from a home they plan to put on the market.
  5. Energy efficiency – If your new louvre roof system is positioned close to your house, such as a connecting patio or balcony area, it can have the added benefit of bringing down your energy costs. Louvre roofs can be adjusted to allow more sunlight through your sliding glass doors or panoramic windows in colder weather or shading them in the heat of summer. Either way, you’re reducing your dependence on your indoor climate control setup and paying less for it.

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