With summer just around the corner, your outdoor living spaces will soon become more central to your day, and a drab outdoor area risks dampening your barbeque evenings or serene summer mornings. Make your outdoor living spaces more attractive and functional with the tips below. It doesn’t matter if you have a tiny patio or a big backyard, every house deserves a great outdoor living space!

Keep comfort in mind!

Comfort is the top priority when sprucing up outdoor areas—the right furniture can make a huge difference. Larger spaces can make lawn chairs seem small and diminished, so instead, consider couches, longer benches and even farmhouse tables to fill the space and make it feel more inviting and appealing. For smaller zones, modular furniture, extension tables, wicker chairs and pint-sized stools can do the trick. Look for comfort at all times while you are selecting your furniture, and don’t forget to protect your new furniture from the elements by installing a sun roof to guard against the weather.

Get closer to nature!

The entire purpose of an outdoor living space is to remove the barrier between you and nature. Add some life to your exterior space with a low maintenance container garden. The dash of greenery is sure to soothe the eyes, while giving the space a more dramatic effect. Potted plants, trees, flowers, hanging pots, and other forms of flora can all add genuine personality to your outdoor space.

If you’re restricted by limited room, go vertical! Use up a section of the wall to include a vertical flowerpot garden or vines. These can give your outdoor space a new dimension without eating up valuable sitting room. Finally, don’t forget to limit your potted plants to one or two large ones, instead of an array of smaller ones. This will free up walking space, and keep the area feeling open!

Keep your privacy intact!

If your patio is a place where you plan to spend a lot of time, take time to think about making it a private area. Transform your exterior into a beautiful and functional space with outdoor solutions that will help you beat the heat while preserving your privacy. From canopies to awnings to retractable roof systems, you’re spoiled for choice these days. Find one that best compliments your architectural design, while at the same time adding a sense of warmth and shelter to your private space.

Light it up!

Give a final touch to your outdoor living space with the right lighting! String lights can do wonders to make the outdoor space dynamic and interesting, adding visual appeal without burning a hole in your pocket. Candle chandeliers or lanterns are other options to add drama to those perfect summer evenings, while also saving on your energy bills! Strategically place your lights to liven up the space without making it too bright or too glary.

Find the right balance

Outdoor spaces are a great way to extend the living space of your home. At Dynamic Outdoor Solutions, we help you find the right balance by making your outdoor space as comfortable as possible. To learn more about the best outdoor blinds Auckland wide, contact Dynamic Outdoor Solutions today!

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