Awnings and patio roofs give us much more freedom to enjoy our outdoor spaces when and how we want, but with this freedom comes responsibility. After all, nobody likes a dirty awning.

Cleaning your awning or patio roof is important, not just to keep it looking attractive but to stave off any accelerated wear or discolouration. Fortunately, cleaning your outdoor cover isn’t difficult. There are just a few things to keep in mind. Read on to learn the best way to clean your patio roof or awning.

How to clean awning fabric

Cleaning your awning roof is necessary to preserve the awning fabric’s longevity. Today’s awning fabrics are more durable, weatherproof, and UV resistant than ever before, but regular cleaning will keep it looking sharp for years. Try to clean your awning every three or four months to prevent build-up of mildew or stains resulting from composting organic materials.

When washing your awning fabric, a mild laundry detergent or dish soap often works well, although some cleaning solutions are available specifically for this purpose. Remember that what you use to scrub your awning will quickly be rinsed away into your lawn, so potent, hazardous chemicals can prove damaging, particularly if your patio is surrounded with delicate or temperamental garden flowers. Plant- or mineral-based solvents are a great choice when available.

Begin by fully extending your awning and allowing it to air out. Remove any debris with a soft bristle broom and give it a preliminary rinse before applying a mixture of water and your cleaning liquid of choice. Scrub gently with a soft bristled brush (push brooms often make a good choice). Because your awning obviously won’t support your weight, you’ll need to make sure your ladder has been erected on flat, stable ground.

When you’re finished, rinse your awning once more with a hose and leave it extended for a day to dry out before withdrawing it.

How to clean your patio roof

Patio roofs are often both fixed and flat, making them vulnerable to build-up. Whatever style your outdoor canopy, keeping it clear of debris will prevent stains, rot, and strain from additional weight. If you have invested in a transparent, DynaView roof, you may also find that water stains and piles of foliage detract from the aesthetic of your outdoor space.

Before cleaning your patio roof, be sure to cover or remove any patio furniture. Many pieces of outdoor furniture have treated, weatherproof fabrics that may react poorly to your cleaning solvents. Additionally, you should regularly clear your home’s gutters. Backed-up gutters often result in overflow that pools and collects on your patio roof.

Begin by using a soft bristle brush to remove debris and give the patio roof a gentle rinse with a hose. Be mindful to use a cleaning solvent that agrees with your patio roof materials and scrub thoroughly before rinsing once more. If available, high pressure washers are great for removing surface-level mildew. When you’re finished, an old towel or chamois cloth can be used to remove pooled water and prevent water spotting.

Invest in outdoor cover that lasts

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